Can Chinchillas Live with Other Animals?

ChinchillaSometimes it is difficult to determine the kind of pet you want. Many people keep different types of pets in their homes. The attraction of baby chinchilla is hard to resist but the other family members might thing that a dog, cat or guinea pig is more suitable for your lifestyle. So, the question is – can chinchilla live together with other animal species?

Chinchilla and Other Animals: Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are some of the most popular pets in the world. But recently, the chinchilla has become a beloved of many owners. Rodent pets and domestic dog can live together depending on the dog`s breed. As a chinchilla pet parents, we did not try to keep a dog and our tiny pet in our home for a long time. However, twice it incidentally happened that a Labrador retriever was accompanied friends who were visiting

Chinchillas and dogs have not only different sizes but also differing types of temperament. Knowing that, we did not even try to meet them. We worried that the presence of such as big a dog may stress and frighten our small pet. We replaced the chinchilla cage in a quiet room far from the living room where our friends and their dog were sitting. As a whole, it is better to keep them separated in different areas of the home to avoid the risk.

We were really afraid that the dog was a predator animal no matter how friendly it looked like. Maybe if it was trained to get along with small animals, it would not harm the chinchilla at all. Anyway, we were not convinced that predator animals and prey animals can play together.

From everything we’ve read, we have learned that it is better never to leave the two different animals together unattended. It is a good idea to keep an eye on them not only during the introduction but any time they are together.

What about the fact that the rodents can play together? Some chinchilla owners report that they let their chinchillas play with other animals but mostly other rodents or kittens. Some pet parents report that it is possible for a chinchilla and guinea pig to live in the same cage together. They have different diet plans and different grooming routine. For example, a chinchilla does not eat the food which is recommended for guinea pig. The chinchilla needs a dust bath at least twice a week while the guinea pig has a classic bath only once monthly.

Chinchillas and Guinea Pig

Although chinchillas and guinea pig are rodents, they have different care demands. That is why we thing that it essential for them to live separately. If you want to introduce them to each other you can place their cages close so they can get used to each other. This should be done also if chinchillas share living space with gerbils, rats, rabbits or hamsters since housing them together can be unsafe.

Sometimes, this cute fur ball does not even get along with fellows of the same species. Experienced pet owners claim that it is better for chinchillas to live by themselves, in their own personal house. When they live with a companion, they can be aggressive. Anyway, if they have been together with another chinchilla since their early days, it is more likely for chinchillas to co-exist with other individuals.

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