Chinchilla Accessories and Supplies

Chinchillas make inquisitive and fascinating pets, especially for young adults. In order for your companion to have the best quality of life, they need a range of chinchilla accessories to improve their living environment. Here we take a look at some useful items that you could add to your pet’s cage.

Wood Chew Toys


Photo: dd_doubleclick

Chinchillas have an in-built need to gnaw and chew because their teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetime. Failure to provide them with enough opportunity to file their teeth results in a range of dental problems. Chewing on their cage is not enough to satisfy their need to bite something. The wood is not hard enough to file the teeth. Therefore, quality accessories need to be added to your pet’s living environment in order for them to have opportunities to exercise their natural chewing requirements. Wooden branches are ideal for this purpose however please note the following:

  1. Secure all branches safely to the cage by wedging into the wire mesh.
  2. Ensure that all branches are safe to chew and have not been treated with harmful chemicals.
  3. Willow, hazelnut, apple and pear tree branches are the best.
  4. Never give your pet pine tree bark as it can cause respiratory difficulties.


Several varieties of tubing can be used in your chinchilla’s cage to increase stimuli, give further chewing opportunities and allow for fun playtimes.

  1. Cardboard tubes such as kitchen or toilet roll centers are fun for your chinchilla to crawl through. Ensure it does not have ink printed on it or a glossy surface.
  2. Plastic tubes available from pet stores can be often attached together to make long tunnels that chinchillas love to explore.
  3. Ensure all tubes are wide enough for your pet to fit through easily to prevent their becoming stuck and injured.
  4. Tubing is excellent for encouraging natural burrowing.
Baby Chinchilla

Baby Chinchilla. Photo: Carlos Gracia


Chinchillas in the wild would have rocks, stones and pebbles in their natural environment. Here are some tips on how to mimic their settings. As stones are hard, they are excellent to chew. Full of calcium and excellent for both your chinchilla’s teeth and general health, they can be bought at your pet store and placed in your pet’s cage.

  1. Add stones inside your pet’s cage regularly to encourage curiosity.
  2. Rocks encourage chewing of hard substances to file teeth effectively.
  3. Remember to sterilize all rocks, pebbles and stones before giving them to your pet.


There are several things you can use to encourage your pet’s natural instinct to burrow and hide. Some are available from your pet store and others you can improvise yourself.

  1. Cardboard boxes are a ready source of fun for your pet. As long as there is no ink on the sides you can let your pet chew these and if you cut a hole in them, your pet will enjoy hiding inside.
  2. Wooden shelters made from small branches fixed together with flexible wire are great for forming hideaways, arches and slope shapes to keep your pet entertained for hours.

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